Wednesday 19 September 2012

Britten Sinfonia management at 20 years old

Yesterday talk in the office turned to what we were all doing when we were 20 years old. Some of the stories are completely unpublishable but here's a selection of what the management team were up to. And by the way I'm not going to give away our current ages - now that would be embarrassing (for some of us anyway);

Development Assistant
Living with 2 video-game producers who never showered in Peckham Rye, unemployed and living off one bowl of cereal a day

Finance Director
backpacking around Australia

Creative Learning Director
I had to leave university to have my leg fixed and found a job working for the water board during which I got to drive a big white van (with a light on!)

Programme Note Writer
I started working at Britten Sinfonia as Concerts Assistant

Marketing Director
I was studying music at Southampton University. Spending most of my time wearing a big black baggy jumper and army boots whilst drinking cheap red wine and smoking roll-ups thinking (wrongly!) I was quite Bohemian!

Orchestra Manager
I was in my first year studying music at Manchester University

Concerts Assistant
I dated someone who sported a fozzie bear backpack, threadbare with matted fur.  The person in question worked for a College bar at Uni and used to celebrate special days with a shape in the foam on my snakebite & black… e.g. a Cross for St. George’s Day, Shamrock for St. Patrick’s, heart for Valentine’s and so on…

Creative Learning Assistant
I was playing at the Casa del Jazz in Rome with my University Jazz Orchestra

Finance Assistant
I was working in Cambridge as a Bought Ledger Clerk, living with my parents.  That summer I went on holiday to Tenerife with my boyfriend, our first holiday aboard together ( the boyfriend is now my husband).  I drove an electric blue Mini which I loved and was growing out my perm that I had for most of the 80’s(not a good look).

Britten Sinfonia celebrates its 20th Birthday during the 2012-13 season. Check out our anniversary season here

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