Tuesday 22 January 2008

Britten Sinfonia blog comes home (briefly)

For all sorts of reasons, Britten Sinfonia’s blog was pretty much started in Madrid. We were en route to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay and had a couple of hours at Barajas last May. Having just invested in a new MacBook and decided to start a blog, it seemed a good time to get to grips with the blogging process. It now seems second nature (with credit to our investors, Cambridge University Press and Arts & Business East, and to our technology guru Bill Thompson).

So, David Butcher and I find ourselves once again in Madrid, this time on a mission to uncover opportunities for Britten Sinfonia in Spain, whether for a full-scale tour here, or for a further extension of our At Lunch series. We are – jointly and severally - off to Valencia, Santander, Seville and Barcelona in the next few days. In a year or two, you should see the results.

John Bickley

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