Tuesday 5 February 2008

Music and Business: an exploration

What, you might well ask, were some 30 representatives of businesses and cultural organisations doing working with three of our players in the Radisson SAS hotel in Krakow on Sunday evening? Nicholas Daniel, Joy Farrell and Sarah Burnett stayed on after our lunchtime concert to launch the pilot of our new Music and Business programme, devised by our Creative Learning Director, Sophie Dunn, together with two outside facilitators, the business consultants Howell Schroeder and Sara Howe.

Businesses have much to learn from arts organisations and musicians: some fields of interest are obvious on the surface, such as creativity, leadership and ensemble. But the session demonstrated that there is two-way traffic, and many challenging ideas emerged about management, control, listening and complexity.

The workshop was organised locally by South Poland Business Link, with sponsorship from AG Test HR and the Radisson SAS hotel.

We will be doing more of these sessions in the coming months in both Poland and the UK.

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