Wednesday 11 February 2009


Thomas Adès’ Court Studies from his highly-acclaimed and popular opera The Tempest are set alongside the music of the young composer Richard Harrold in our next project which starts in Krakow on Sunday. Pianist Cédric Tiberghien joins Jacqueline Shave, Caroline Dearnley, and Joy Farrall in a programme which also includes Debussy and Fauré. You can read about Cédric on his management's website.

Richard Harrold was born in 1982. He has written of his new work:
'Ink is a neo-baroque study of rhythm and asynchrony. The ensemble is divided into pairs that contribute opposing material to a sparse, linear texture, whose systematic development toys with the sense of ensemble and the nature of the counterpoint. While these rhythmic and thematic conflicts exist within the group, for the most part the players move as one instrumental and sonic entity.'

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