Tuesday 17 September 2013

Britten Sinfonia Academy Induction Day

Earlier in September the new intake of Britten Sinfonia Academy members met each other for the first time and began working together. Academy member, Ellen Porter summarised what they got up to;

"The Britten Sinfonia Academy Induction day last weekend was a brilliant day of music-making and meeting lots of new friends. It was a chance to get to know people but also to develop key musical skills. The day revolved around a lot of practical musicianship based skills, something which I can do but had never before had the chance to practice doing. Most of the activities involved some sort of improvisation or composing, both of which are very important skills but ones that you rarely get the chance to practice or develop. The strong emphasis on collaboration and creativity were evident from the start however the way in which we did this varied, which made the day even more exciting and interesting. The day made everyone think in a more “out of the box” way and definitely allowed us all to incorporate our own ideas whilst gaining ideas from other players. The day was certainly a very creative learning experience and one which I will continue to value as part of my musical life."

To find out more about Britten Sinfonia Acadmey click here.

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